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Make complexity become simplicity to face the challenges of tomorrow

The technological revolution today offers so many possibilities that above all the major stake for companies is to manage this complexity.

  • How to manage a fast-changing world where everything is mixed up at high speed (human skills, digital levels, ...) ?
  • How to exploit the breadth of DATA when it seems infinite?
  • How to take decisions in an uncertain world?
  • How to anticipate an event whose occurrence is almost unpredictable?
  • How to value people in a completely digital world?

Faced with these questions, MeltOne supports its clients so that this complexity becomes simplicity and thus anticipate the challenges of tomorrow.

depens on how we reconcilate
the opposites of YESTERDAY.

In our daily practice as an integrator we bring together :

Old and new information systems, offering innovative solutions to converge technologies.

Development and performance, by freeing employees from the most alienating tasks through robotization... to refocus on tasks of analysis and reflection.

Seniors and juniors, through our intergenerational vision of management which brings together the experience of seniors and the agility of juniors, but also through the training to enhance the digital skills.

Past and future, by giving employees back the keys to cope with acceleration and regain control of time. Departments no longer want to be simple collectors or controllers of information but real predictive analysis centers capable of quickly simulating and analyzing hypotheses to anticipate and make the right decisions.


Our Mission:
Giving back control to business

MeltOne was born from the need for us to offer our customers a mix (Melt) of skills, enthusiasm, and innovation to provide them with one (One) added value.

Our originality ?

Combine the strength of a large firm (commitment to results, broad spectrum of expertise, methodology) with the agility of a startup (innovation, agility, customer connection).

Our operational fields ?

We integrate innovative solutions across a broad functional spectrum (finance, controlling, supply chain, marketing, etc.) in sectors as varied as Banking, Insurance, Retail, Healthcare, Real Estate and Industry.

Our strengths ?

  • Upstream-downstream capacity: we support our customers in all phases of a project: from the reasoned choice of the solution to its Go-Live.
  • Our convictions: profiles with dual business skills and solutions that do not hesitate to challenge you according to your context. We know how to say "No"!
  • A cross-functional IT expertise: our 3 offers cover the different IT layers, from transactional to data analysis.
  • A capacity for technological anticipation: we support our customers on the technologies of today and tomorrow (RPA, Predictive, IA, etc.).
  • An international dimension: 3 offices (Paris, New York and Bogota) and numerous international deployment projects to our credit.
43, Rue de Naples,
Paris, Île-de-France
75008, FR
New York
One Stamford Plaza,
263 Tresser Blvd
Stamford, CT 06901
Cundinamarca 10101,

Our certifications ?

MeltOne BPI France Excellence 2020
MeltOne Palmarès certifications Best Workplaces France

Key figures

employees through
3 offices
(Paris, New-York, Bogota)
average growth
since 2014
go live projects

The strength of a large consulting firm, the agility of a startup

Like large consulting firms, we have built our offers to cover all of the different layers of your is landscape, from the transactional one to the analysis of your data. For each level, we offer the most innovative solutions to help you "choose tomorrow".


Respond to your challenges using the technologies of the future.

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Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, so many new technologies that complement the semantic field of SAP ERP. The technological revolution starts today.

At MeltOne we don’t settle for an observer posture in a moving world. We constantly anticipate technological changes in order to offer you the most efficient innovations for your daily life.

Our scope of intervention revolves around missions of framing, design and implementation of solutions on all the technologies of the SAP suite:

  • S/4HANA on Premise
  • S/4HANA Public Cloud & SAP HEC
  • SAP based on ECC
  • SAP Business ByDesign

The advent of the cloud and AI with the implementation of the SAP Cloud Platform and Leonardo bring their innovations to the SAP Business Suite and we also offer to support you on the implementation of your projects :

  • Contextor for the RPA part
  • SAP Analytics Cloud for business intelligence management
  • Blackline for Fast-close and Disclosure Management

Our multidisciplinary approach also allows us to provide you with an adequate response in areas as diverse as the analysis / automation of your closing processes but also on the management and reporting of your analytics (BI, Consolidation, Budget preparation, Dataviz, etc.).

Continuous improvement, our mastery of future technologies and our in-depth understanding of your business challenges are assets that we put at the service of your success.



Manage perfomances in a smart way.

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In a constantly changing environment, it is essential for companies to be able to rely on reliable financial reporting, made available quickly and easy to update.

As the needs of internal "customers" - management, operational departments, etc. - and external - regulators, financial analysts, etc. - are regularly reinvented and extended, the tools made available to the Finance Department must therefore be up to the challenges to meet.

At MeltOne we are convinced that IT is only a means, it should not be a hindrance but a facilitator in measuring the performance of the different entities and departments of our clients.

Our scope of intervention includes project qualification missions, audit of configuration, assistance in the choice of solutions and projects of design and realization of financial reporting solutions on :

  • CCH ® Tagetik (including CDM projects)
  • Anaplan
  • SAP, BFC et BPC

The solutions that we integrate, in limited number, have been selected with care, in order to guarantee our customers optimal functional coverage. Our privileged relationships with the concerned publishers allow us to guarantee expertise, responsiveness and technological watch for our projects.

Finally, and this is essential for us, a majority of our profiles have in-depth knowledge of the jobs and issues related to finance, allowing us to combine the command of an expert and the mastery of contents.



Exploit the right data at the best time.

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Impossible to ignore, "data" is today at the heart of our daily lives and our businesses. The advent of the cloud combined with the rise of "Big Data" has completely revolutionized the possibilities for exploitation and valuation, to such an extent that all functions of the company are concerned today.

In this unprecedented context, MeltOne supports you throughout the entire chain of your data processing - extraction, transformation, enrichment, storage, analysis and explanation - to allow you to build the right levers at all levels of your processes. operational: marketing, supply chain, finance, ...

Our scope of intervention revolves around missions of project qualification, design and implementation of solutions :

  • Data Visualization: Looker, Power BI and Tableau
  • Data Science (Machine Learning, IA, ...): Dataiku
  • Datawarehouse: Snowflake and Cloud Platforms (Azure, AWS, GCP)
  • ETL : Alteryx, Fivetran, Informatica, Talend, Matillion

Our DNA, which is both functional, technical and multidisciplinary (ERP, EPM, BI, etc.) allows us to provide you with an overview of cutting-edge technologies, which will give you a unique competitive advantage for the implementation of your high added value projects.


as more than
a community objective

We are convinced that a successful transformation comes first by the community:

Our clients, first of all, who are our primary partners, in varied sectors as Banking, Insurance, Retail, Real Estate and Industry. It is with them that we develop innovative solutions that help them support their growth in the future.

Discover our references

Innovative software providers, with whom we have forged strategic partnerships to offer our customers the best solutions on the market:

Discover our partners

Consulting firms, which intelligently complement our service offering.

Schools to find the MeltOners of tomorrow. (Don’t blame us, but we prefer to keep them to ourselves ;-)

And of course, the MeltOners which are the basis of our success. Coming from a variety of backgrounds, they combine their skills, their enthusiasm and their sense of innovation (Melt) to provide our clients with multidisciplinary expertise and real added value (One).

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